40 Years In Jewellery
About Us

Our Heritage

Our story begins in 1918 with Charles Simms, who laid the foundation of our store, originally known as Simms & Sons. The baton was then passed to Walter Crosby, under whose stewardship the store flourished as Crosby’s.

In 1970, a new chapter began with Richard Graham. An apprentice watchmaker under Walter Crosby, Richard infused his craftsmanship and vision into the store, rebirthing it as Graham’s Jewellers.

The legacy continued to flourish under James and Wendy Graham, who assumed the mantle in 1988, nurturing the store with dedication and passion.

Only the Best

Each Piece Holds a Story

Each piece from Graham’s Jewellers is more than an accessory. Our pieces help customers celebrate and remember milestones in their lives. From engagement sets to memorial lockets, we invite you to drop by and choose the ideal graduation gift, engagement set, or something beautiful “just because.”

Today and Beyond

In May 2022, a fresh era dawned with Melanie Coulter and Greg Chadwick at the helm. As current custodians of this rich legacy, we are honored to uphold the values and traditions that have been the hallmark of Graham’s Jewellers.


Join us in celebrating the enduring bond between Graham’s Jewellers and the vibrant Vancouver Island communities. Here, every piece of jewellery holds a story, and we are excited to be a part of yours.