The Olfactory Reverie presents a captivating collection of our most iconic candles, encapsulated in the Muse Votive Candle Set. This exquisite trio features three distinct scents, each poured into a uniquely designed porcelain pot that reflects the character of the fragrance within. Muse D’Or exudes glamour with its effervescent aroma of pink pepper and sage balsam, housed in a gilded porcelain container. In contrast, Muse Noir offers a moody and mysterious ambiance, with deep notes of bergamot, black plum, amber, and vetiver, all enclosed in a sleek black porcelain. Muse Blanc, set in translucent white porcelain, brings a crisp, floral moment to life with the scent of fresh cut flowers. Each candle in the set is not only a sensory delight but also a decorative piece, and they come packaged in a glamorous gift box. The reusable pots remain a timeless keepsake long after the candles have burned out, offering a lasting reminder of the luxurious experience.