The Dragonfly is a symbol of good luck, transformation and self-realization. Remember to live life to the fullest.

Materials: Sterling Silver / Rhodium and 10k Yellow or Rose Gold and White Cubic Zirconia

This pendant comes on a light Spiga style chain.

Dimensions (width x height): 1 3/8″ x 1 1/2″

Height is measured from the top of the bale to the bottom of the pendant.

This gorgeous dragonfly jewelry brings to mind the stories of old, when dragonflies were believed by the ancients to be fairies as they flitted in and out of the reeds, skimming the top of the water, and hovering magically in the air. The dragonfly is an entrancing sight, more than an insect, it is a symbol of magic and power, of transformation and self-realization.

When you wear the dragonfly you are showing that you are a part of nature and that nature is a part of you. Dragonflies have a history that goes back long before humans roamed the earth, long before all but the earliest dinosaurs. For 325 million years these creatures have been part of nature’s cycle, and they continue to be unfettered and free from constraint. When you see a dragonfly you’re never certain what direction it will fly. It can move forward or backward on a whim, up or down, side to side. The dragonfly is a marvel of nature, and when you wear one you harness that nature with you.

Combine that with the Celtic imagery in these Keith Jack designs: the abstracted Celtic Knot made from Dark Rhodium and Gold that create the wings. The Celtic Knot is omnipresent in Celtic jewelry, a symbol of eternity, a twisting knot with no beginning and no end, and yet somehow managing to be far more than just a plain circle.

The Celtic Dragonfly doesn’t just carry the context of the transformation of this magnificent creature, and therefore you, but it also brings with it the weight of Irish and Celtic heritage and culture. You can imagine these dragonflies skimming the banks of Glendalough Upper Lake of County Wicklow or one of the 12,000 other lakes (loughs) that make up the Emerald Isle.

Bring a piece of this delicate and beautiful art into your collection. Wear it often to gain the good luck of self-realization. And be connected to roots that go deeper than mankind, tethered to something eternal and glorious.